Toll Production

Toll production of special food products requires a comprehensive knowledge of raw materials and process technology. We have both, and offer exactly the right technologies for your products.

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Toll production


In 2016, Lactoprot took over a sophisticated blending plant from Tate & Lyle in Lübeck, Germany (formerly G. C. Hahn & Co.). Built in 2008 and equipped with systems from AZO and other German powder handling specialists, the plant has five large blenders of different kinds permitting a variety of technologies and enabling it to handle allergens and liquid components. The greatest advantage is that the main parts of the plant can be wet-cleaned individually (CIP). In the years 2017/2018, Lactoprot invested a further 1.5 million euros in a new 6,000-litre Lödige blender with a continuous bagging and palettizing line.

One of the focal points of our offer is tailor-made blends for customers from the sports nutrition industry. The products are filled in cans or bags, depending on the requirements. Since we process dairy products, in particular, dry powders are part of our daily business. Our factories are specialists in drum, extrusion and spray drying of various raw materials. Moreover, we carry out special pre-treatment of raw materials; this includes heat treatment, evaporation, hydrolyzation, fermentation, electrodialysis, filtration and also agglomeration and instantization of finished powders.

For savoury products, Lactoprot has additional blending capacities at its Wiesmühl plant in Bavaria. And if we are unable to offer you the right service ourselves, we know who can.


An attractive design, suitability for storage and safety are all equally important for the success of a product. Many goods – especially foods – cannot be stored, distributed or sold without suitable packaging. A cost-efficient packaging process and the latest filling and packaging lines enable us to respond flexibly to your co-packing needs. On our sophisticated packaging lines we fill block-bottom bags, sachets, spiral-wound fibreboard cans, tubular bags, PET and HDPE cans, capsules, and more.


Do you have a problem? We will find a solution. We develop appropriate strategies at our state-of-the-art laboratory.

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We offer a wide range of products for all manner of different applications, and an A to Z service.

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Do you have a problem? We will find a solution. We develop appropriate strategies at our state-of-the-art laboratory.

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