Bakery products

We supply our customers in the baking industry with highly functional ingredients. Whatever you are looking for: we offer products for all manner of different applications.

Bakery products

We supply our customers in the baking industry with highly functional ingredients based on milk. The products make it possible to define requirements and find solutions, for example for cost reduction, egg replacement, even browning or gloss. The types of application may differ greatly: muffins, wafers, pancakes, bread rolls or other baked goods – practically anything is possible.

With our Lactobake 80 you can go along with the trend towards vegetarian bakery products without the use of egg. Egg replacers ensure good availability and also reduce the production costs.

Check out our Lactobake 80 for bakery: Play video on Youtube

Pound cake, wafers, pancakes and more...

Product name Product group Properties
Lactobake 80 Whey protein concentrate Egg replacer; good availability as compared to egg; easy handling
Demilac 40 & 50 Demineralized whey powder Enhanced flavour; cost reduction; intensified Maillard reaction
Schokolac 26 Roller-dried full cream milk powder 26% fat a full milky taste, excellent glaze
Schokolac 42 Roller-dried cream power 42% fat high free fat content, full cream flavour
Schokolac Crumbs C Roller-dried caramelized whole milk preparation natural caramel taste, especially suitable for bakery fillings, high amount of free fat, improved flow characteristics of cocoa mass
Lactose Milk sugar cost-effective filler, light sweetness
Combistab CC 46 Compound for cream cheese in cheese cake application provides excellent bake and form stability, smooth texture with excellent flavour release, enables filling over a broad temperature range, cost and time saving

Rolls / bread

Customized solutions are possible on request.
Product name Product group Properties
Lactonat RC-E Roller-dried calcium caseinate Even gloss; intensified Maillard reaction; attractive browning