Chocolate makes you happy, and so does delicious ice cream. For both applications we offer our customers excellent product solutions.



For chocolate we supply several products that can be used for a diversity of purposes. For example, our roller-dried whole milk powder rounds off the flavour of the chocolate and enhances its gloss. Moreover, the high proportion of free fats results in better flow properties in the production process and good melt of the finished chocolate.

As an inexpensive raw material for use in chocolate we also offer lactose in different particle sizes.

Under the name Schokolac Crumbs C we also produce a caramelized whole milk powder. This is obtained by roller-drying and is valued for its intensive flavour that lends the chocolate a special caramel note. A further advantage of our Crumbs product is its high free fat content that improves the flow properties of the chocolate.


Product name Product group Properties
Schokolac 26

 Roller-dried whole milk powder, 26% fat Better melt; high free fat content; enhanced gloss; full milk flavour
Schokolac 42
 Roller-dried cream powder, 42% fat High free fat content; full cream flavour
Lactose Lactose Cost reduction; slight sweetness
Schokolac Crumbs C Caramelized whole milk powder Natural caramel flavour; high free fat content


With our Lactoglace range we offer highly functional products for ice cream applications. Numerous trials, and experience with our customers, have shown that the use of Lactoglace gives the end products more creaminess, allows them to melt more slowly and creates a softer mouthfeel. Moreover, our Lactoglace products are an inexpensive alternative to skimmed milk powder. They make it possible to replace milk or whey powder 1:1.

Our range also includes solutions for protein-enriched ice cream products. For this purpose we recommend our Lactoglace 770 with a protein content of 77 percent, which enables the production of a nutritionally valuable ice cream product – fat-reduced, and with a creamy structure for just the right melt on the tongue.

Ice cream

Product name Product group Properties
Lactoglace 120

 Compound Partial replacement of skimmed milk powder; enhanced mouthfeel; more creaminess; better melt; reduced costs
Lactoglace 150 Compound Complete replacement of skimmed milk powder; enhanced mouthfeel; more creaminess; better melt; reduced costs

Ice cream, protein-enriched

Customized solutions are possible on request.
Product name Product group Properties
Lactoglace 770 Compound Protein enrichment; enhanced mouthfeel; more creaminess; better melt