With our stabilizing systems for delicatessen foods we offer our customers from the Convenience segment numerous advantages in the manufacture of their products.


Whether for soups, sauces, dressings or mayonnaises: the outstanding attributes of our products for use in delicatessen foods include their ability to ensure emulsion stability, heat stability and freeze-thaw resistance as well standardized viscosity and optimal colour of the end product.

Are you interested in our Delistab stabilization for your egg-free and fat-reduced dressings? Play video on Youtube

Soups and sauces

Customized solutions are possible on request.
Product name Product group Properties
Lactose Lactose Carrier

Mayonnaise, salad creams and dressings

Hydrocolloid-based solutions are also possible.
Product name Product group Properties
Lactonat EN Extruded sodium caseinate Emulsification; stabilization; texture enhancement; heat stable; eggless
Lactomin 80-S HG Whey protein concentrate Creamy mouthfeel; emulsification; stabilization; eggless
Delistab CP 77 Compound for cold processing Extra creamy mouthfeel; emulsification; stabilization; eggless
Delistab MP 80 Compound Mild pasteurization possible; emulsification; stabilization; eggless
Delistab SE CP 7 Compound for cold processing Emulsification; stabilization; eggless
Delistab SE HP 7 Compound for hot processing Emulsification; stabilization; heat stable; eggless