The roots of the current branch company are to be found in Göttingen, Lower Saxony, where the firm Dairyfood was founded in 1979. Although initially specializing in dried milk mixtures, the company rapidly switched to caseinate, a soluble milk protein used widely in the food industry. In 1989, a former jellybaby factory in Kaltenkirchen was purchased and caseinate production commenced on a large scale using newly installed extruders.
Shortly afterwards, the Austrian company Oemolk purchased a 50% holding in Dairyfood, which was subsequently transferred to AMF. Finally, in 1993, the company came under complete Austrian ownership, was renamed and at the end of 1998, became part of the newly founded Lactoprot International AG. In 2007, the Lactoprot International AG merged into the Artax AG.
At the beginning of 2003, Lactoprot Deutschland GmbH purchased a former dairy in Leezen and established a new milk protein production, as well as roller drying and whey processing.
In the middle of 2012, Lactoprot Deutschland GmbH was separated from the Austrian Artax AG and is now acting under a new owner completely independently.